The English Bulldog Zone Offers Free Report To Help Prevent English Bulldog Behavior Problems

The English Bulldog Zone Offers Free Report To Help Prevent English Bulldog Behavior Problems

The English Bulldog Zone is a digital magazine dedicated solely to the English bulldog breed. They have now announced that they have made available a new, free report on their website. The report is titled ‘How to be the Alpha Dog and Stop Your English Bulldog’s Behavior Problems’ and this can be accessed through email.



A spokesperson from the English Bulldog Zone says: “We all love the English bulldog. They have such a frumpy, fat face and body that you can’t help but fall in love with it. And they are incredibly loyal and fun to be around. But they are still dogs, which means they are pack animals and, as their human, you have the responsibility to make sure you place yourself firmly as the leader of the pack. Our report will clearly show you how to achieve just that.”



The company is also drawing attention to their Facebook page. They have built a community of some 116,000+ people, all of whom love this particular breed of dogs. The representative explains: “We love English bulldogs just like all of you and we adore this dog breed. We want to help our community to connect with this breed by sharing info, offers, and memorabilia which help people enjoy their favorite dog breed even more.”

Through their Facebook community, English bulldog owners also have the opportunity to share information, advice, and guidance about this particular breed. Those who have read the report and implemented its tips are encouraged to share their experiences with the community. In so doing, even more, people can benefit from the information and develop loving, trusting relationships with their own dogs.

The English Bulldog Zone has also partnered with The Top Dog Deals. This company offers products specific to certain breeds, some of which are for the dogs themselves, and others that are for the dog lovers, giving them the opportunity to showcase this to the world. Their English bulldog collection currently includes iPhone cases, wall stickers, oil paintings, decorative pillowcases, and a no pull harness. The collection is regularly updated, with new items being added as and when they are found.