The Boxer Gazette Offers Free Report For Boxer Owners To Be A Boxer Alpha Dog

The Boxer Gazette Offers Free Report For Boxer Owners To Be A Boxer Alpha Dog


The Boxer Gazette is an online magazine dedicated specifically to the Boxer. They have now announced that they have made available a new free report that teaches people how to be the alpha dog and prevent their boxer’s behavior problems. The report is titled, ‘How to Be the Alpha Dog and Stop Your Boxer’s Behavior Problems’, and is available for free from the company’s website.



A representative of The Boxer Gazette says: “The Boxer is a unique and lovable breed, but also one that can be somewhat hard to manage if you don’t know how to put your foot down. Our report is designed to help people gain better control over their Boxers, by placing themselves in the alpha dog position.”


The Boxer Gazette is dedicated to helping Boxer owners get the greatest enjoyment with their loyal companion. They regularly release new information on this fascinating breed. Additionally, they have partnered with The Top Dog Deals, a company dedicated to providing people with products relating to their favorite dog breed. Their Boxer collection is very extensive and The Boxer Gazette regularly directs people there.

The representative adds: “Together with The Top Dog Deals, we have been able to source a number of amazing Boxer-related products. These include vehicle restrainers, no pull harnesses, car stickers, bracelets, oil paintings, pillow cases, iPhone covers, charms, and necklaces. The collection is regularly added to, so we encourage people to check back regularly so that they won’t miss anything.”

The company is also very active on Facebook. Indeed, they currently have over 100,000 followers on their Facebook page. All of these people are Boxer lovers and owners themselves and they have created a community that shares information and stories about their dogs. The representative from The Boxer Gazette adds: “We love our Facebook community, because it provides a chance for us to talk about the Boxer, and also hear from others about their experiences. Naturally, we love seeing the photographs of these lovable dogs as well, and we’re particularly impressed with the important and useful information our followers share with each other about how to properly look after a Boxer.”