Beagle Gazette Offers Free Report To Help Prevent Beagle Behavior Problems

Beagle Gazette Offers Free Report To Help Prevent Beagle Behavior Problems


The Beagle Gazette, an online magazine dedicated specifically to the beagle breed, has announced that they have made available a new free report. The report, titled ‘How to Be the Alpha Dog and Stop Your Beagles’ Behavior Problems’, shows dog owners how to gain control over their dog’s behavior, thereby increasing their dog’s and their own health and happiness. To obtain the report, people can enter their email address on the magazine’s website.



A representative from the Beagle Gazette says: “Beagles are very headstrong dogs and they have a real pack mentality. They are used for hunting, which demonstrates just how important it is that they have a pack leader to follow. You need to be that leader if you want to have a beagle and enjoy its companionship as well. Our new report teaches people exactly how to do that.”


Beagles are known for their incredibly cute faces. However, they have a strong personality and are still very much working dogs. Indeed, many people have found them too hard to handle, as they have a tendency to dig, chew, and shred things if they do not get enough exercise. The representative adds: “Only by offering the beagle what it actually needs, and by positioning yourself as its pack leader, will you be able to stop this kind of behavior.”

The Beagle Gazette also has a very active Facebook following. They have effectively built a community of beagle lovers, where they can come together to share their beagle stories, tips, and advice. Many people have also taken the opportunity to share images of their beagles. The representative says: “We love hearing about and seeing all our readers’ beagles. We want to encourage everyone who has downloaded the report to share their experiences with us through Facebook as well.”

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