About Us


Critical Dog Training News is a self-described “one-stop site” for all things related to dog training. They are proud to announce that they have now added a free ebook to their website that is available for download. The ebook, ‘How to Stop the 10 Most Common Dog Obedience Problems’, is a useful guide to help people properly train their four-legged companions.

A representative from Critical Dog Training News say: “We are passionate about providing dog owners with the most creative and simplified dog training and motivation techniques for developing incredibly obedient dogs. This new ebook is a true must-have for people who want to get the most out of their dogs.”

In order to get the ebook, people simply have to provide their name and email address, and a download will be made available immediately. It also highlights a number of the issues that have been addressed in greater detail on the website itself. This is why people are also encouraged to bookmark the website and read through the existing material. The representative adds: “We have discussed important issues such as common training mistakes; house training; obedience training; how to stop barking, chewing, or digging; and how to have pleasant vet visits. We add new information regularly, so do keep coming back.”

Critical Dog Training News has also launched their Facebook page, which people can like to be kept up to date with new posts and articles. The company aims to form a community of dog lovers who can share tips, stories, photographs, and more of man’s best friend. Additionally, the Facebook page is used to promote products that the company feels are beneficial. The representative adds, “We love Dog Training just like all of you and live for this activity. We are not sponsored nor endorsed by any kennel clubs. We want to help our community to connect with this activity by sharing info, offers, and memorabilia which help people enjoy their favorite activity even more. Often, we recommend products from Amazon or eBay that people are looking for.”

The Facebook page has already attracted a lot of “likes” with people sharing their own knowledge about dogs.